5. Vintage 1959 CHIEF ROBOTMAN a.k.a. MYSTERY MOON MAN, Yoshiya, Japan with Replica Box

In Mint Condition, 11.5 inches, the antenna's spin, head turns, lights up and bump and go stop start etc.! It is one of the most complex robots from the 60's.

Courtesy of my friend, Russell in Sydney, Australia


One of Yoshiya's large skirted robots. Chief Robot Man is perhaps the most commonly encountered of the trio which includes Mighty Robot and Chief Smoky. It's square head, spinning antenna ears, chrome metal mouth and T-shape nose place it firmly in the classic early robot category.

 This robot has a simple but very appealing bump-and-go action. The head moves quizzically from side to side, the traditional Robby-style ears rotate and the eyes light. There are no legs as such, and its movement is much more graceful than the usual robot waddle.


Silver version

Chief Robot Man is available in three colour variations. One is a light metallic blue, a second is a light metallic grey, the third, and rarest, is the white bodied version. The arms of the robot can be either slender red metal pressings or chunky plastic ones. Slight variations in the red colouring of the metal arm version do exist, with shades ranging from a near orange to near maroon. More strikingly, the transparent red plastic forming the eyes, dome, belly button and chest pips can vary from a rich ruby colour to a much lighter red plastic. Since replacements are available, it would be important to ensure that you choose the right shade of red to match the other bits! Finally, there's a raised panel fastened to the back of the head, this can be either a silver grey or, more usually, the same cream colour as the rest of the head.


Radical Robot

Yoshiya made the most of this successful design. Besides being released as the Chief Robot Man it was also sold as the Cragstan Radical Robot and the Mystery Moon Man. The Mystery Moon man is nothing more than a change of name, while the Radical Robot has new and distinct art work (but no changes to the robot, as far as I am aware) Both box versions are very hard to locate and command a premium. The metallic blue version can't automatically be called a Radical Robot!!

Mystery Moon Man

 This style of robot has proved very robust. The mechanism is simple, rarely goes wrong and, if it does, is relatively straightforward to repair, though you have to deal with lots of recessed tabs. Corrosion around the battery compartment is a regular fault and seriously affects value.

 Despite being a fairly common robot, the Chief Robot Man sells for substantial sums.


Info courtesy of Alpadrome