31. The Simpsons' Comic Book Guy with Shop Environment Box Set, Playmates, USA 2001 & Rare Convention Comic Book Guy, 2001

Easily one of the most requested items since the line hit, the Comic Book Shop playset offers what most fans wanted in a playset-- good voices, compatibility with the most popular figures, and a figure that was on everybody's "most wanted" list.
The Comic Book Shop comes with Comic Book Guy, a hamburger, and a soda.

The playset is just spectacular. There's a ton of little details Playmates included for us, the fans. Some highlights include an autographed picture of Itchy, a comic book rack with several books, boxes of trading cards, an animation cel of Popeye's arm, and a pair of undies marked "Worn by Ranier Wolfcastle." In a nutshell, this is probably the first time art (toys, whatever) imitates the culture in which they thrive. Considering the playset's high compatibility rate, this is a great set to pick up for the fan that just wants to hear most of his figures talk.

The only changes to make this set better would be to have made some of the collectibles be removable pieces rather than images on a label. Still, the set looks great and is the must-buy playset of this toy line. Easily $20 well spent.
There are several items in the shop, many of which were difficult to photograph. Not seen clearly are a few items in the display case, most notably a "Z-Man" glove marked $500, an issue of "Radioactive Man" #1 marked $100, and what appears to be a purple tie of some description.
The base has the traditional three buttons and plugs for figures.

This is easily the most visually interesting playset Playmates has manufactured for the Simpsons line to date and is well worth tracking down.


From day one, the plainly named Comic Book Guy was one of many figures fans assumed would never actually see release. Surprisingly, it was packaged with the Comic Book Shop playset in 2001.

The Comic Book Guy comes with two accessories (hamburger, soda) and has four points of articulation.

One of the most noticeable things about the figure is its size-- it's huge. Well, it's wide, weighty, and hefty, dwarfing even Homer. At first, it seemed odd that such a popular character would be inserted with a playset, but given the fact it wouldn't fit into a standard package, it now makes perfect sense.

Every detail from the ponytail to the too-small shirt is there, making this one great figure. The face is detailed perfectly, but the expression isn't exactly representative of the character-- something more snide seems in order.

The accessories aren't bad. The burger was sculpted so it could easily be grasped by the figure, however it can't be easily manipulated to look like it's being eaten. The soda, on the other hand, fits great and looks excellent. Some comic books would be a nice addition to this set, but it's still pretty good as-is.

Convention Comic Book Guy

This rare and collectible figure was only available for a very brief time through Toyfare Magazine #50 2001- sold out extremely quickly. It features Convention Comic Book Guy dressed in his "Bi-Mon-Sci-Fi-Con"  blue T-shirt, blue shoes, red pants and comes with a Radioactive Man mini comic.  MINT-IN-BOX,  MINT-IN-SHIPPING-BOX.


Comic Book Guy a.k.a "The Collector"

Age: 45.
Sex: Male.
Height: 5' 10".
Weight: 280 lbs.
IQ: 170.
Skin color: Yellow skin.
Real name: Jeff Albertson
Appearance: Overweight guy stuffed into a Blue T-shirt and Red shorts. Usually wears blue and white trainers but on occasion has been known to wear sandals.
Demeanor: Highly sarcastic; surly; insulting and rude.
Loves: Eating, profiteering.

Hates: Getting off his stool for anything other than a cash transaction.
Zodiac Sign: Aquarius.
Favorite food: Tacos.
Qualifications: Master's degree in folklore and mythology.
Prized possession: A rare copy of Mary Worth in which Mary advises a friend to commit suicide.
Voiced by: Hank Azaria.
Other Information: Has brown hair worn in a pony-tail, fat and constantly eating waddles when walking, highly sarcastic attitude, still a virgin, lives with parents.

Resident of Springfield and owner of the Android's Dungeon & Baseball Card Shop, the infamous Comic Book Guy spends his days at the comfort of his stool, patiently awaiting his next paying customer. The Comic Book guy embodies all the traits of your typical Comic book shop owner, being tubby, and wearing his brown hair in a Pony Tail. He is also known for being extremely sarcastic. Being a sci-fi, comic and movie buff, the Comic Book Guy holds several prized collectibles: A rare copy of Mary Worth in which Mary advises a friend to commit suicide, as well as his rare Photo of Sean Connery, signed by Roger Moore.