Vintage 1959 CHIEF ROBOTMAN, Yoshiya, Japan


In C-9 Condition, 11.5 inches, the antenna's spin, head turns, lights up and bump and go stop start etc.! It is one of the most complex robots from the 60's.

One of Yoshiya's large skirted robots. Chief Robot Man is perhaps the most commonly encountered of the trio which includes Mighty Robot and Chief Smoky. It's square head, spinning antenna ears, chrome metal mouth and T-shape nose place it firmly in the classic early robot category.

 This robot has a simple but very appealing bump-and-go action. The head moves quizzically from side to side, the traditional Robby-style ears rotate and the eyes light. There are no legs as such, and its movement is much more graceful than the usual robot waddle.



Vintage 1950's Mechanized Robot

Original Mechanized Robot based on Robby The Robot from Forbidden Planet by Nomura of Japan circa 1956. Original robot has been professionally restored using quality parts from Classic Tin Toys. Dome, hands, drive belt, and left ear are replacements. Robot has been totally restored including paint & re-wiring and now works fine. Comes with reproduction box. No signs of restoration. This icon of all vintage tin robots costs thousands of dollars MIB. This is a chance to own one for the same price as a reproduction. Battery boxes are super clean with no rust or acid damage. Great robot for a new collector or to fill a gap in your existing collection Displays beautifully and works great now.




Vintage Cragstan Space Man Robot made by Nomura Japan circa 1955 with Repro Box

This is an original Cragstan's Spaceman Robot made by Nomura Japan circa 1950's. Robot comes with beautiful repro Box. Robot is in very Nice C-9 near Mint condition with much original Gloss. No crazing, No Rust, No dents. this is about as nice as they come. He is missing an ear piece (existing band with ear has been detached for easy replacement). The chord is not brittle,  Bulbs are original.  This robot is in great condition. The litho is spectacular on Robot . Robot stands 9" tall and works on 2 D cell batteries. Battery Box is clean as a whistle. The bulbs in his hand and helmet are ORIGINAL and working!

This robot sold for $4800 in Sotheby's Griffith Auction in 2001




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Robots: Spaceships and Other Tin Toys (Paperback)
Teruhisa Kitahara, Yukio Shimizu (Photographer)


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Tin toy mania! Now that computer games have come to stay, tin toys have become obsolete for today's children. For those of us who remember them from times past, these tin toys can transport us back to our childhoods; they call up a vision of a time we thought we had already forgotten. They also bear witness to history; they have survived wars and crises, and tell us something of the fashions, colors and tendencies of their times.

This book will be of special interest to anyone fascinated by early space travel and technology, those who simply want to wax nostalgic about a bygone era of their youth, and of course to collectors and fans of 50s and 60s tin toys. The roots of today's toys can be seen in these precursors, notably in the early transformer robots. Taken from collector Teruhisa Kitahara's vast collection, which is on display in many museums in Japan, the tin toys featured here are quite rare and give a wonderful overview of this era in the history of toys. A must for any toy lover!

Kitahara Signed and Dated Copy of

The Big Museum of 20th Century Toys

T.Kitahara collection

159 pages, 2001.2

Kitahara's pictorial collection in his various museums (7) and his homes. His collection of over 100,000 items!

Yokohama Character Museum (closed)

Hakone Toy Museum

Motion Display Museum, Marine Tower, Yokohama

Shimizu Toy Museum

Tin Toy Museum, Yokohama

Hikawamaru Nautical Toys, Yokohama

Dream Museum (warehouse closed to public)



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Kitahara Signed and Dated Toy Club Robot Subaru Display

A  vintage Subaru 360 (1:32 Scale) is parked in front of the famous "Toy Club" Museum and Store in Yokohama, Japan with a friendly Smoking Robot to welcome visitors.

The plastic display case (not Shown) is signed and dated by famed tin toy collector and Japanese celebrity Kitahara san.

Approx. 7"L X4"W X3"H



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Tin toy robots: T. Kitahara Collection (Wonderland of toys)
by Teruhisa Kitahara


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Fantastic rare book with many photos of robots


Signed and dated by famed tin toy collector, Japanese celebrity and author Kitahara san.



Ultimate Robot
by Malone, Robert

Science-fiction and technology collide in this definitive guide to robots. Enthusiasts and collectors are invited to take a journey through the world of robots covering toys, kits, fiction, film, television, and beyond. 500+ full-color photos. 0-7566-0270-X / DK Publishing, Inc.


Vintage Toys - Robots and Space Toys. Large format, lavishly illustrated  Paperback

Toys have reached unprecedented levels of popularity among collectors and this book captures the beauty and the appeal of these timeless collectibles in a way never before seen. Packed with beautiful, large color photographs and encyclopedic-style details, this volume a must-have resource for collectors and nostalgia buffs focuses on tin toys manufactured from World War I through the 1970s. This book tells a fascinating story of toy making impacted by forces as divergent as changes in technology and the outbreak of war. American, British, French, German and Spanish robots and space toys are featured, but special coverage is given to the creative Japanese tin toys that flourished after World War II. More than 300 different items are illustrated and profiled. For each, a description of features, variations, manufacturer and place in history is provided, along with up-to-date collector values.

Contents include  photos and encyclopedic details and  pricing for 300 historic toys. 1999




 Iron Giant film crew t-shirt. It has Hogarth and the Giant printed in the front and the words The Iron Giant in the back. The Creator was one of the crew members who worked on The Iron Giant movie. He designed this T-shirt for his dept. Soon enough the other dept's wanted them too ...so it became the official crew shirt.  Well known director Brad Bird ( also known for The Incredibles ) wanted the same shirts but he wanted it to say Warner Bros Animation ' 99 in the bottom of the picture....so he hand wrote it  and he printed them on the shirt. The former crewman recently discovered this box of shirts in storage. There's only a few of these and we are selling them now to the public. These are printed on the highest quality Black T-shirt ( M-L-XL Hanes beefy T Shirt)


Flying Saucers Wall Art 

A complete set of three pewter Flying Saucers to adorn your wall. 





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