1. Statue of False Maria from Fritz Lang's 1927 Silent Film "Metropolis"

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Height: 82 cm - 32.3 inches

Depth: 29 cm - 11.4 inches

Width: 26 cm - 10.2 inches

Weight : 10.0 kilos - 7 lbs

Product made of: Pewter Plated Resin


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Robot False Maria

82cm (32") high

The film Metropolis made in 1926 by Fritz Lang was a real landmark of the cinema, let alone Science Fiction. Set in the super technological city of Metropolis in AD2026, it showed a sinister future in an exquisite techno fantasy style. The undisputed star of the film was a robot called 'False Maria', thought to be the sexiest robot of all time. 

These sculptures are cast in a special high density resin and thermal plated with lead-free pewter. Each individual piece is hand polished by skilled craftsmen and lacquered to preserve the brilliant metallic finish.

The process is quite unique, and produces a beautiful piece of art with the look, weight and cold feel of solid metal.

Made in the U.K.