17. Action Planet Robot from the Yoshiya KO Company Japan circa 1958 

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This Robot is a windup and has the action of walking and flashing lights.  Excellent condition for its age .




Yoshiya's Planet Robot has long been regarded as the poor man's Robby. This is particularly true of the black clockwork Planet Robot which exists in considerable quantities and is relatively easy to obtain. The blue remote controlled battery operated version is much harder to locate and, unless you are lucky, won't be making its way into any poor man's home. The name clearly comes from "Forbidden Planet".




There are color variations of the clockwork Planet Robot, and they are much more valuable than plain black. There's a well documented olive version (with tin head and arms). I've also seen a metallic blue one and heard of a maroon/purple one at auction..

To spark or not to spark: Inevitably a well-used robot will lose its spark as the flint wears down. Replacement is easy enough, but involves dismantling the robot. I would suggest that you tolerate the no-spark unless you are sure of what you're doing. Mint in box means that it should still spark! The other recurrent problem with this robot is the final gear in the motor. This is a tiny milled wheel which regulates the speed of the motor and provides the friction for the spark. The shaft it is attached to frequently acquires a groove caused by wear. The crafty repair involves removing the gear, turning it around and tapping the wheel a few millimeters along. Now a new portion of the shaft can come into play. It never fails. (While you're there, replace the flint.)

It has to be admitted that the box art is nothing special. There's a large picture of Robby, but it lacks either the beauty or the refinement of many other boxes. The quality of the printing is often hit-and-miss. In addition the robot's hands tend to protrude from the box during storage, making damage to the lid a common sight.

Large numbers turned up in 1999 - all mint in the box. This has become a very common, very affordable robot that no collection should be without.